Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Positive spin

When we think of news, it is usually the depressing, aggravating stuff we expect from the commercial news media.

In Mozambique, things are changing for the better because of one newspaper that, in just a couple of years, has become the most read newspaper in the country.

Jornal @Verdade is a free newspaper that has a mission to transform the country by generating ambition in its people. Instead of spending valuable print space on divisive political issues, it talks to its audience about issues directly affecting them, like AIDS and crime and getting the biggest bang for your buck (and with a median household income of around a dollar a week, that's very important).

Wouldn't it be nice if our media aimed at transforming us into something better, rather than diminishing us as a pack of rabid, fearful wolverines?

See TIME's article about the newspaper here.

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