Sunday, January 2, 2011

Art and about

Everyone knows that you can go to a gallery or theater to see art, yet realistically, how often do you do so? Not as often, no doubt, as you go shopping or work out or go for a drink. The Charlotte Street Foundation of Kansas City, MO, has recognized this, and has initiated Rocket Grants, which are designed to "fund projects that exist outside of established institutions, occur outside of traditional forms of support, challenge traditional methods of production or presentation, add energy and diversity to the field of arts activity in our area, and provide opportunities for the creative growth of those involved."

In short, they are focused on bringing art to the people, not people to art. Here are some highlights from a recent project - WorkArtOut - in which live performance art was taken to a sports field and gym:

This is surely just one example of many, of organizations funding people to take art to the streets. What is happening in your area? What can you do to help this kind of thing happen in your area?

A Kansas City Star article on Rocket Grants can be found here.

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