Monday, January 3, 2011

Was that me?

Most of us are familiar with having experienced a warm breeze passing by our nether regions when relieving ourselves. Not quite so many of us have experienced one coming from the - shall we say - commode.

But you can, with the help of Japanese toilet maker, Toto. Their Neorest 600 (pictured) not only offers three (hands-free) cleaning modes, it then dries you with its 'Adjustable, Warm Air Dryer'. If that's not enough, it offers a range of other pleasant bathroom surprises, including an air purifier; automatic opening, closing, and flushing; a heated seat; a self-cleaning system; and even a remote control (though what that's for, is a little unclear).

But don't believe me. Ask Will Smith:

For some other things that could rock your domestic world, check out this fun article.

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