Saturday, January 15, 2011

New news

Where do you get most of your news? TV? Newspapers? Facebook? Twitter?

Think about it. If you use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, then you are probably getting a lot of your news from those sources. Utilizing your friends as news sources has both advantages and disadvantages: an advantage is that you get a lot of information that is relevant to you and your social circle; a disadvantage is that your news will be skewed - you're rarely going to hear the other side of any story. That's fine if you want to hold steadfastly onto your beliefs, and only know what's happening in your immediate surroundings. It's not so good if you want to be truly informed with a balanced, global perspective.

This problem has occurred to Bradford Cross (pictured), founder of Woven. Entering its beta stage, Woven intends to weave the news that is most relevant to you (the stuff you get from social media) with the news that most interests you (the stuff you get from traditional news sources). This way, you'll get your own individualized news feed, without the hassle of trawling through bazillions of sites to remain well informed.

A data analyst by trade, Cross is inviting interested people to participate in a short survey at the Woven site, that will assist his team in developing this service. Give it a try, if you're interested in getting the news you need without spending the time you don't have to get it.

Read a bit more about Woven here.

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