Monday, January 10, 2011

Singing through the pain

Aspiring to be a great singer, but are suffering talent deficit disorder? You could spend thousands of dollars in a studio, and have Auto-Tune make you sound like a modern day pop sensation, or you could go the the iTunes store and download LaDiDa for $2.99, and achieve pretty much the same result.

Your call.

In a TechCrunch column, the creator of LaDiDa, Prerna Gupta, explains some of the frustration she has experienced in bringing her product to the people, because the current trend in business innovation is to focus on 'pain points': that is, somehow solving a perceived problem.

Gupta - who could not identify a pain point for this product - has evidently not heard me sing.

But this could be my chance. Heck, this product can even make a dog sound good:

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