Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't poo-poo the poo-gloo, doo-doo

If it weren't for wastewater treatment systems, the paddleless proverbial creek wouldn't be so proverbial.

Billions of gallons of sewage are generated daily, and treating it can be expensive. A 'traditional' water treatment facility costs millions to build, and uses a lot of energy to run.

Yet, as much as bodily waste is unappealing to the average human being, there are things out there that actually like the stuff. Like bacteria, for example. The kind of bacteria that eat excrement for breakfast, like to do so in the dark - probably because they find it a little embarrassing, but mainly to keep the algae at bay - and they like plenty of oxygen, and surfaces to grow on.

In conjunction with the University of Utah, Wastewater Compliance Systems have used what they know about these bacteria to develop a device they call a Bio-Dome - and everyone else calls a Poo-Gloo - that utilizes bacteria to eat the carbon-based materials, ammonia, and nitrogen compounds found in every sewage plant from here to Kalamazoo.

It's a whole lot cheaper than building a new plant, uses considerably less energy, and achieves some great results. Poo-Gloos can also be used in aquaculture, impaired waters, and various industrial projects.

To understand this technology a little better, Discovery News has just posted an article on them, and KSL 5 TV recently ran this report, as well:

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