Monday, January 24, 2011


It's one thing to say we're all one human family, but another thing altogether to experience it.

Back in 2008, Gal Kleinman came up with one way of bringing us a little closer together. Magical Moments Around the World is a project designed to connect you to others as you share "a special event that you experienced in your life."

Recent examples include the birth of a sibling, getting good grades, closeness with family, and a walk in the woods: in short, experiences that most everyone can relate to. The beautiful thing is that these moments are coming from everywhere: Pakistan, Niger, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, and right here in the USA.

Anyone is welcome to submit their own magical moment, and if you're really enthused by this project, Kleinman is seeking volunteer project managers globally to "work closely with staff members to provide leadership in implementing, managing and evaluating the project".

Not every magical moment is what you might expect:

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